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Corporate Responsibility

Health and Safety

We are continuously making the effort to keep or workplace safe from accidents. One of our principal objectives is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff. This commitment extends to all people, who although the may not form a part of our organisation, participate in it, such as providers, contractors, clients, visitors, and the residential community around us.

For this reason "zero accidents" is the only possible principal objective in all our activities. This commitment is demonstrated by sharing common principals and the proactive application of existing tools to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses.


  • Visible leadership: the importance of safety is observed in the safety-consciousness of the management
  • Investigation of accidents and incidents: we analyse daily activity to spot potential causes of accidents or incidents
  • Preventative observations for safety: we analyse all situations of risk or accidents in order to prevent them and to avoid them recurring
  • Internal auditing: we ensure that all safety regulations are rigorously upheld
  • Risk correction cards: we make it easy for all company employees to inform us of possible risk using this card system
  • Corporate standards of health and safety: standards describe all safe conduct to be maintained


  • All professional accidents and illnesses can and should be prevented
  • Management is responsible and will keep account of all actions related to health and safety
  • The commitment and training of employees is fundamental
  • Working safely is a condition of employment, promotion and career
  • Excellence in health and safety will lead us to excellent results in business
  • Health and safety is fully integrated in all our business management procedures


Sustainable development is based on a commitment to improve the quality of life of society today and in the future. For the companies which work under the CELSA Group™ name it means taking into account the environmental, social and economic consequences of the strategic decisions we make in all our daily tasks.

Steel is one of the most recyclable and recycled materials in the world. It can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties and, thanks to its magnetic properties, it can be easily separated for recycling.

In CELSA Group™ we produce steel exclusively in electric arc furnaces, using scrap as our raw material in 100% of our products. Thanks to vertical integration, we cover the complete cycle of steel recycling; from the separation of scrap to its transformation into new steel products.

In this way, CELSA Group™ contributes prominently in protecting the environment:

  • Using the most sustainable steel production technology
  • Recycling steel products at the end of their life-cycle
  • Recovering the sub-products of manufacturing processes which use steel as raw material
  • Producing fully recyclable products
  • Operating facilities in an efficient way

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